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Subscription boxes, are they worth it?

10 months ago, I signed up to 2 subscription boxes, both beauty boxes. One was Birchbox, the other was Glossy box. The prices were basically the same, Glossy box(the plan I was on) was £10 + £3.25 postage, with this plan you could cancel at any time as there was no contract. Birchbox, again on… Continue reading Subscription boxes, are they worth it?

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I’ve started a YouTube channel!!

So for a while now I've been trying to think of ways to premote myself and my crafting business, but I don't have a huge budget unfortunately. My youngest son mentioned starting a YouTube channel. I gave it some thought, then after months of convincing myself to do it and getting the courage too, I've… Continue reading I’ve started a YouTube channel!!

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Chocolate Nests (requested by my husband)

It's my husbands birthday on the 1st of February, and a tradition that I like to do for each persons birthday in the house, i.e. my husband and children's, is to make a cake or treat that they request, my husband has requested this year,chocolate nests. This is something I normally make every Easter, but… Continue reading Chocolate Nests (requested by my husband)

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Plaques, old and new.(Crafting blog)

If you have been following my crafting blogs then you'll be aware that I rent a shelf in a local craft shop. I haven't been in since before Christmas as I didn't need to restock because in the beginning of December I took enough stock to them that should have seen them through. I filled… Continue reading Plaques, old and new.(Crafting blog)