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July Craft Haul

I have purchased quite a few crafting supplies lately, so I thought I’d do a little craft haul blog.

A lot of my supplies I get from eBay, also Amazon too as they both have such a huge range of craft things, I can pretty much get what I need from them. The first lot of items are from eBay.

Something I do use often in my quilling is flatbacks. These little wheels have 12 separate compartments, each with a different colour. In one of the packs, there are rhinestone flatbacks and in the other, there are half pearl flatbacks, to have the colours separate is very good when I’m working with just one colour, I do have containers with mixed flatbacks but it is a bit annoying when I have to fish the colours out that I want, so these definitely make things easier.


A different style of flatbacks that I use especially when making something to do with weddings are these half pearl hearts. These are so pretty.


These next items came as a 4 pack. I had the idea to add quilling to them, which is what I am doing to the other 2. As well as the pink and lilac, there is a white and a yellow also.

To go alongside the quilled earrings that I make, I have also started to make pendants. Instead of using chains to put them on, I decided to use ribbon necklaces as I think they go so much better and look really elegant too. I ordered 10 in total and they came in a random mix of colours.

The final thing I got from eBay, well these aren’t actually meant to use in quilling, they are in fact for cake decorating, but when I was looking for different quilling accessories these popped up. I have practiced using them and they work so well for making dome and cone shapes.

Moving on to Amazon now. To put my earrings and necklaces in, I got some lovely gift boxes. The square ones came as a pack of 6, the long ones a pack of 10, in a mixture of the 3 colours.

I’d seen this next item for a while now online but hadn’t got round to getting myself one, as I wasn’t convinced I really needed one, I gave in and bought one. It’s a battery-powered quilling tool, it goes so fast and I definitely think I need to practice using it.

I’m not sure why I didn’t get one of these junior square rulers sooner, it makes things so much easier. It stops the ruler from moving, which when I’m trying to get a perfectly straight line is extremely annoying. Definitely one of my best purchases.

This brings me on to the final Amazon purchase, an A3 size, self-healing cutting mat. I got this solely for when I film tutorials as my other mats look very worn and well used, this looks much better for filming, it is also double-sided, which I really like.

I have a few items that I got from Proper Job. Now Proper Job is a Somerset based chain of stores, which I only learned recently as I thought they were all over the UK. In Proper Job, they sell a wide range of things, from toilet roll to pet food, DIY and also stationery and craft items also. I had a good look to see what they have as before I picked up a few different bits before so I always like to see what’s there, this time I got some new craft glue that I hadn’t seen in there before. I’m always on the lookout for different glues to try so I definitely had to get it. I picked up a pack of 100 labels that I use when labeling my products for adding to my shelf in the local craft shop I sell in.p1050408-022125680667.jpegp1050406-01701631979.jpeg

For painting my MDF or wooden plaques I mostly use emulsion paints. I get the tester pots as these are a really good size rather than having full-sized cans. I picked up 3 new colours that I haven’t had before. These are all that I picked up from Proper Job this time.

Hobby Craft has got to be one of my most favourite places to go and I never seem to come away empty-handed and my last visit was a good haul.

These plaques are fantastic quality and they look great, I will not be painting these but will be adding some vinyl and quilling. There were heart-shaped ones also, but this time I got the square and house shapes.p1050398874814791.jpg

To add to my flat back selection I picked up these adhesive, half pearls. Along with these I also got some sticker decals that I’ll be using these most likely on this years range of Christmas baubles.p1050394-011679109224.jpegp1050397-01203378674.jpegp1050396-011930995760.jpeg

I also picked up these 2 bottles of glue to try out. I do have quite a few different makes at the moment that I want to test out and I will most likely be doing a testing and review blog on them in the future as I find reviews of products very useful.p1050391-01557327293.jpeg

Very recently I have introduced wedding guest books to my shelf in the shop and the books that I am currently using are these ones. I have only used the white ones so far but thought it would be nice to try out the brown ones too.

Something that is one of my most popular creations is quilled pictures and I am always having to stock up on frames. I always use shadow box frames as these are the best type to display my work in, at the time when I purchased these, Hobby Craft had a sale on so I got a 3 of these grey frames, which I didn’t have any of.p1050384-01103881079.jpeg

The last and final item in my most recent craft haul are these gorgeous navy blue blank cards. They are a pack of 10, with envelopes included. I have quite a good selection of colours and sizes of blank cards and thought these would make a nice addition.p10503921272342509.jpg

That’s it for now, so until I need to get more supplies, I am looking forward to cracking on and creating some more Quilled Crafty Creations.

Thanks for reading.

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