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Subscription boxes, are they worth it?

10 months ago, I signed up to 2 subscription boxes, both beauty boxes. One was Birchbox, the other was Glossy box. The prices were basically the same, Glossy box(the plan I was on) was £10 + £3.25 postage, with this plan you could cancel at any time as there was no contract. Birchbox, again on a month to month so I could cancel at any time, is £12.95 no postage cost. I decided to give them both a couple of months to see which one I preferred. I went with the Birchbox, just because I felt I was getting a bit more of a variety each month. and it was that little bit cheaper.

On the Birchbox site, you make an account, answer a few questions that are about hair colour, skin tone that sort of thing so that products can be tailored towards your preferences. This is a good idea, however, now and again I have had things which aren’t really products I’d wear or use, but not to worry there’s always someone that I can pass them on to and to be fair the majority of the products are pretty spot on. You do also get items each month, such as highlighter or lip products, which there are two different variations, you pick which one you’d prefer or you can just leave it for them to choose for you. Now everything is done through email, unfortunately I have had a few emails go in to my junk folder, not my inbox, definitely worth checking both as I’ve missed the chance to choose and been sent a random one, to be fair the ones they’ve picked for me have always been the ones I would have chosen anyway, this is why it’s a good idea to fill out your profile. Okay so that’s basically what the subscription boxes are all about, I will now share with you some of the products and boxes I have received over the past months.

This blue box is the first one that I received last September. Each box has great designs on them, almost every box is like a single drawer style, I have kept all of my boxes so far. I have some of them stacked on top of each other to make a little set of drawers that I have on my desk, I use them to store my crafting equipment, I also have some on my vanity to help organise my makeup. These are great ways to re-use the boxes, as they are just too lovely to throw away.

What I got in my very first Birch box.

There was a full-size liquid eyeliner( I don’t use liquid eyeliner so I passed this on to my sons girlfriend) a sample size blush from the makeup brand Benefit(I still use this and there is still lots left), a sample size of purple hair shampoo( I gave this to my husband to use as I didn’t have blonde hair at the time, it was pink), a sample size of day and night moisturiser(I really enjoyed this product) the final product was a sample sized bottle of NUXE’s multi-usage dry oil shimmer, this I still use on my skin as it gives it a lovely subtle shimmer and it smells fantastic. So you see there was a great range of products, not all of them I used but I managed to pass them on so they weren’t wasted.

Over the months I have received a fair few items ranging from hair masks to lip liners, I also took advantage of 15% off everything from Birchbox to purchase other items that they sell. I have to say though that the majority of products that they do sell can be a little bit pricey and are definitely something I’d purchase as a treat to myself or maybe as a present for someone. There are other perks available that you receive after you’ve purchased a certain amount of boxes, hence why I can have 15% off. You also get a treat for your birthday too.

It is a little treat that I like to get once a month, I’m not sure I’ll keep getting them for a long period of time, but at the moment I will.

I will do a blog post on this months box when it comes and I’ve had a chance to look over it. I have included the link to the Birchbox site for you to go and have a look for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with another post.

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