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I’ve started a YouTube channel!!

So for a while now I’ve been trying to think of ways to premote myself and my crafting business, but I don’t have a huge budget unfortunately. My youngest son mentioned starting a YouTube channel. I gave it some thought, then after months of convincing myself to do it and getting the courage too, I’ve done it. I have a YouTube channel 😱

I started it the beginning of March, I’m now on my sixth video.

I upload twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Saturday. My Wednesday videos are dedicated to quilling and crafting, whereas my Saturdays are a bit of a mixture, from hauls to baking cookies. I didn’t want to limit the audience I’d have, hence why I have a variety, all I can do is give it a go.

My very first video I uploaded was an introduction video about myself and what I wanted to do on my channel. It wasn’t perfect but I knew once I’d got my first video out, I’d be able to get the next one done too.

On my first quilling video, it was a two part video, an introduction to quilling, going through the tools and other equipment that is used and that I use. The next quilling video, was a tutorial on how to make the flowers above. I’ve just added another tutorial today, 27th March, which is making a two toned flower.

My other video which was last Saturday, was a haul video, I had gone to Home Bargains (a UK store) I did enjoy doing this, so will definitely do more hauls.

It’s very early days for my channel, but so far so good. I’m gaining subscribers and likes on my videos,which is awesome. I am so excited to see where my YouTube journey takes me and my business.

If you’d like to check out my channel this is the link.

I would so appreciate any support you’re willing to give me.

Until next time, thanks for reading 😊

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