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Chocolate Nests (requested by my husband)

It’s my husbands birthday on the 1st of February, and a tradition that I like to do for each persons birthday in the house, i.e. my husband and children’s, is to make a cake or treat that they request, my husband has requested this year,chocolate nests. This is something I normally make every Easter, but he loves them and that’s what he’s asked for, so that’s what this blog is, a very simple,easy to make and inexpensive treat.

400g of milk chocolate (any brand is fine) 5 full size shredded wheat.


Medium sized microwaveable bowl
Mixing spoon
Paper cases
Baking tray or muffin tray

As you can see there isn’t too much to these but they are yummy. Right let’s get on with how to make these chocolatey treats.
Break up all your chocolate in to your bowl and melt in the microwave, I have an 800 watt and started with 40 seconds, stir, back in for 30 seconds, stir. If all the chocolate hasn’t melted whilst stirring, then pop back in microwave for 10 seconds. Please adjust these times to suit your microwave. Be careful not to over cook your chocolate.


Break up your shredded wheat one portion at a time and mix in with the chocolate.


Once you’ve added all the shredded wheat it will become harder to mix, this is when you know it’s ready and also there are no naked bits.

Put your cup cake cases onto your muffin/cake tin. Evenly distribute your chocolate mix in to each case.

Once you’ve filled all the cases, put them in to the fridge for a couple of hours until they are solid. Put them in to a suitable container.


That is it. Of course you can use other cereal to cover in the chocolate, but there’s just something about the crunchy shredded wheat.

I hope you give this a go and you enjoy them as much as my husband does.

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