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Plaques, old and new.(Crafting blog)

If you have been following my crafting blogs then you’ll be aware that I rent a shelf in a local craft shop. I haven’t been in since before Christmas as I didn’t need to restock because in the beginning of December I took enough stock to them that should have seen them through. I filled my shelf and I also left a load to replace any that I sold. I went in on Saturday just passed to take in some new stuff that I made and it was actually really good to see my shelf so bare, so I quickly filled it up again and again I left hold backs to replace any that sell.

The items that I sell the most of are quote plaques, every time they are put on my shelf they sell very quickly and I am so happy about that as I absolutely love-making them and thinking up new quotes and designs along with the colour schemes is brilliant. I will add some photos of plaques that I’ve made and sold in the past and more recent ones I’ve made.

These three were ones that I did for around Christmas time. The small rectangle one sold the same day I put it on my shelf. I’m not sure about the other two whether they have sold or if they have now been added to the Christmas all year round part of the shop.


Each of this set have been taken down to the shop, there’s a couple on my shelf, the others will be held back and added once other items sell. The bow & clip holders have always been quite popular.

All of my plaques are made from good quality mdf which I buy in off the internet. They are primed and hand painted by me. The quotes and other text are also done by myself using a very useful machine that I would be lost without, it is called a Silhouette Portrait, which is a plotter and can be used to cut all different types of materials, from paper to leather. I have it connect to my pc and using the programme that comes with the machines, I can use it to design lots of things, then my machine cuts it out for me. I mostly use vinyl as this is what I use to add the quotes to my plaque and also on to other items that I make too.


This plaque was an order for a regular customer of mine. After seeing the lilac version of it, that I posted on my Facebook page, she asked if I could do it in black and white for her, this is the finished result. I am pleased to say, shes loves it.

All of my plaques that I make and sell, unless I am asked to make something different, they will have quilling embellishments on them, which makes them a bit different from others that I have seen.

I am hoping to do a blog on other creations that I’ve done and I will also have a gallery page that will shown recent items and also past creations too. There are links to my other social media sites that I’m on if you go to the home & social media section of this site.

That’s it for the plaques that I’ve made recently and some others I’ve done before, there were a lot more but for some reason I didn’t take photos of them and they are sold now.

Look out for other crafting relate blogs coming soon.

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