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Attending a craft fair

For the past 3 years I have been trying to get my crafting business up and running, enough to hopefully bring in an income. Part of this is getting myself out there to show off what it is I make, also so people can see the face behind the business. The best way to do this is to attend craft fairs.

In the beginning I attended quite a few events,but I soon figured out which sort of events were better for me and the sort of things I make. My craft is mainly quilling, for those of you who are unsure what quilling is, in a nutshell, it’s the art of making things from rolled up strips of paper. Here are some examples of things I’ve made.

I haven’t done as many craft events over this last year as I have done previously, the reason being, I just wasn’t making any money back from them, I was paying out but never getting a sufficient amount back, so instead of doing so many I then just did the bigger ones,not fund raising events but actual craft fairs. Last year I did an event in the run up to Christmas, this was one of the best ones I had done and I actually made some money back from it as well as selling half of my stock off. Christmas ones are definitely the ones to do.

Below are just a few photographs from previous events I’ve done over the last couple of years so you can see how I set up my table.

This year I am only doing 2 events. The first one is over two days, Friday and Saturday. On the Friday we all go to the venue and set up our tables, this is the viewing evening, which is invite only, for people to come and have a browse at what’s available, then on the Saturday is when people can come and buy from the stalls. I’ve never done an event in this way before so not sure what to expect, but I’m willing to give it a go.

This is how I set up my table for this event. As you can see I have a variety of items, with the majority having quilling incorporated in to the design. The mugs are just vinyl that I’ve designed and attached to the mugs, I have done quite a few of these over the years and this is the last of my stock, I don’t think I’ll be doing them again as there is so many other people doing similar, where as there aren’t too many crafter’s doing quilling.

The Friday evening viewing went well. There were a few people who came for a look. It was very much a social gathering of the village where the event was being held. As I’m from that area, I didn’t know anyone apart from my friend who was also doing the event. The people were very nice, and so friendly. The evening viewing was from 6pm until 8pm, but all the stall holders had set up from 4pm.

The next day was an early start as it was around 30-40 minutes drive from my house and my friend, the one who was doing the event with me, picked me up at 8.30am so we had plenty of time to get there, have a coffee and check any last minute things before the doors opened at 10am.

The day went so quickly as these events normally do. It was a lovely event, I met a lot of very nice people and sold quite a few of my items. To have something to do and to also show people what it is I do, I took along some of my quilling equipment so I could make some things whilst I was there. I did have a few people who were interested and stopped to have a chat.

The event was due to end at 4pm, by then the stream of people had stopped and it was time for us to start packing up. It’s always quicker to pack up than it is to set up. My friend and I were on our way home before 5pm.

It had been a very long and tiring couple of days, but very enjoyable also.

My next craft events is on 8th December in a local town. I have a few weeks to get ready and to make some new stock. This will be the final event for me this year before Christmas, but I will be looking at booking more for the following year from Spring time onwards.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight in to craft fairs.

Thank you for reading.

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