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We have a new addition

We are a family of animal lovers, altogether we have, cats, snakes, crested geckos, a tortoise and fish. We now have a new addition to our animal family, a new little kitten, making that 3 cats now.

My husband and I have always had cats the whole time we’ve been together, when we first got together I have my boy Tamar, a very loving and exceptionally affectionate cat, he was ginger and white, he was my best friend. Not long after my husband moved in with me and my two sons, we got a kitten, a little black one, we named him Bobby.

A few years down the line and 2 house moves, plus the arrival of my third son, we adopted a little Calico cat called Makita. We now have 3 cats and they loved each other. As the years went by, obviously the cats got older and my boy Tamar was at this point 17, he became very poorly and sadly he passed away, but I know he had the best life with us and we still miss him dearly, after nearly 3 years. In February 2017, I found the most adorable black kitten who was up for rehoming, we gave him a loving home with us, his name is Buddy. This year,2018, we had to say goodbye to Bobby, he was nearly 11 years old, he too became very poorly with kidney failure. He left a huge hole in our lives as did Tamar.



BUDDY(he’s a smaller version of Bobby)


We decided that we wouldn’t get anymore cats for now, but then our youngest son, who’s autistic started saying that he’d like a cat, but it had to be a tabby one as they are his favourite. He’d never expressed any real interest before, but he didn’t change his mind or go off the idea. My husband and I spoke about it and thought it would be a good idea to give our son something to care for and to learn how to look after it. We did also feel it was the right time to get another cat. We didn’t really search for one and new that when it was meant to be the right one would come along. A friend of ours actually put us on to someone near by that had 4 kittens for sale. When my little boy saw the photos there was one that caught his eye, a little tabby and in the photo it had its paw up as if to say “pick me” at least this is how my son put it. I got in touch with the person selling them. The little girl was ours. My son had already picked her name, Tabby, after a character in a computer game he likes.

We picked Tabby up on the 28th August 2018, she was 8 weeks old. She’s been with us now just over a week, but it’s like she’s always been here.

At first Buddy and Makita weren’t that happy about her being here, but they soon accepted her and now they don’t seem to mind at all. I am sure that in time they’ll all be friends.

I have opened up an Instagram account (at my son’s request) dedicated to Tabby and all the adventures I’m sure she’ll get up too. If you’d like to follow Tabby you can find her at

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, I will probably do other blogs related to owning pets as I have quite a selection of different animals, but for now, I’ll leave you with a rather cute, Tabby picture. 😺😻

I’ve come back on this blog post to add to it. We now have another cat to add to the three we have. My eldest son got a ginger kitten, it was that or a duck, and I put my foot down on the duck(not literally of course) Ryan got himself a little ginger tabby, and has named him Ralph. He is the sweetest, most loving little boy and he settled in, I wont say straight away as he was very nervous, to be honest the people Ryan got him from, weren’t the most loving towards him, so I’m so pleased that Ryan managed to get him and now I’m very pleased to say that after nearly 5 months, Ralph has completely settled in and we all love him so much and him and Tabby are very close.

They both went to the vet last week to get the dreaded procedures done, that have to be done and they got micro-chipped at the same time. Ralph recovered within a few hours, but as Tabby had had a major operation, she is still recovering and will be for a little while to come, but everything went well and they are both fine, although at the moment poor Tabby has had to have a cone collar on as she was pulling at her stitches, and we really didn’t want her to pull them out. She has a follow up appointment tomorrow so hopefully everything is healing as it should, and in 7 days time her stitches can come out. I know that there are mixed views on spaying cats, but for us we think it is in the best interests of our cats to have them done as soon as they can, we didn’t want poor little Tabby ending up pregnant so young and so small. I do believe it is also better for their health in the long run too, so we were told by the vet and from other cat owners.

I shall now end this blog here. I wanted to just fill you in on the newest addition and let you know a little bit about how things are with them all.

I have left you with a photo of Ralph and Tabby, taken last week.

Our gorgeous little ones.

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