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Primark Makeup Review

Following on from my Primark haul post, I was asked to do a review of the Bronze, Vacay Vibes, complete face palette, as I was reviewing this I thought I may as well include the 2 lipsticks I got, also the mascara and the primer water too.

The packaging is really nice, they’ve gone with a bronze colour casing, with a copper foil design on the sides. When you open it up, you’ll see that there are actually 2 mirrors in this palette, which I know a lot of people will be very happy about, another good thing is that it is magnetic closing, this made me very happy. The products inside are set out really well, with your 2 highlighters, blush and contour, which are a decent size, taking up most of the space, down the side are the shadows, 4 in total, 2 shimmers and 2 mattes, next to these are the 4 matte lip colours.

This is the palette, as you can see and also from the name, it is very bronze toned. The highlighters are so gorgeous, one is a very coppery, goldie colour. It has a lovely texture to it, the colour pay off is good and it’s not too powdery. To swatch it on the skin it felt very light and silky. The other highlighter is a rose gold colour, and this is just stunning, like the other the colour pay off, when swatched, is good and it feels really nice.

The blush is a very peachy shade, I’m not sure if it’s going to be too much for my skin tone, but I’ll give it a go. It swatched really nicely and yes it is a very pigmented blush, so I’m going to have to go steady with it I think. The contour is very dark, again I think I’ll have to go steady with it as it has good pay off too. The texture is so smooth and silky feeling on both of these.

The eyeshadow’s are fantastic, everything you need for a shimmery, dramatic eye look, but I think you could also create an everyday look with this palette too. When I did my eyes I added in some of the blush too just so I had a lighter shade also and I think it worked well. The pigment of the matte shadows is incredible, I literally touched the dark brown with the tip of my brush and it picked up just a bit and that bit was such a strong colour, so be aware, the same went for the lighter shadow too, you do not need a lot of product. The shimmers went on lovely too, I just used my finger on the top colour and put it on my lid and I think it worked so well, the other shimmer shade I used on my brow bone.

The lip colours are really nice, warm neutral colours. They did swatch well but when I used them on my lips the colours weren’t that intense, but I like that and I think you could also mix the colours to create different shades too. I used the darkest shade on the look I did. They are creamy to touch but as they are mattes, they are very dry on your lips, you could apply a clear gloss on top which I think would look fantastic too.

As far as the palette goes, that’s it. All in all I think for the price, (regular price is £6, I paid £3) this is a good addition to your makeup collection, you can use it to do an entire look just using the palette of you can use it along side other products, which is probably what I will end up doing because I do think the darker shades are a bit too dark on me as I’m very fair, but saying that I did like the look that I got and for an evening look, I think it would be perfect. Apart from using all the lip colours, I used everything else.



I used the mascara, which is the false lash effect mascara, along with the bronze palette, it’s really good. For the price of £2.50, the packaging makes it look a lot more than that. The brush is a bristle brush rather than a soft silicone one, it distributes the product really well and my lashes looked amazing, definitely a go to mascara for everyday. I got it in black.


I have never used a primer water before, but I was glad I picked it up to try. It has a very fresh scent and it settles really nicely on the skin, leaving it a little tacky to give your makeup something to cling to. My makeup lasted pretty well over the day, another good purchase for £2.50


The last two products are the lipsticks. They are nude colours from the Lustre range. I like the packaging, it’s very neat looking and feels a lot more expensive than the 90 pence that they cost. The formula of both of them is so silky and very pigmented, I got good coverage with just one swipe, so you could definitely build it to get a stronger look. The two shades are, Skin to Skin, which is the darker of the two and Barely there. The darker one looks so lovely, it’s a rich, deep colour, perfect for autumn. The lighter shade is very light on me. You get a decent amount of product in the tubes and I have to say I really do like them, I will try to get some different shades the next time I go back to Primark.



That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this little review. I do think that I would like to purchase more of Primarks makeup, maybe an eyeshadow palette and some blush, because I did like these few bits that I got and I have also heard some positive things about the range too. Oh well! I’ll just have to go back, what a shame 😂😂

Until next time, take care 💜

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