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My eyeshadow collection (so far)

Eyeshadow palettes are quickly becoming an obsession of mine.  I am one for a bargain and I won’t spend over the odds on them, but I do still want quality without breaking the bank. Thank you YouTube and all the beauty gurus on there, you opened my eyes to Drugstore brands that are actually as good as the high-end ranges, don’t get me wrong, I would also love to have some of the higher end brands in my collection as there are some beautiful products out there, but I’m not going to go bankrupt over makeup.


I haven’t got a huge make up collection, but as I only restarted it at the beginning of this year, I think I’m not doing too badly.  I thought I’d let you have a peak at my eyeshadow palettes and give you a short review of each one. Let’s get stuck in then.

I’ll start with my Revolution Beauty palettes as I have 5 of them. The first one that I bought was the New Trals vs Neutrals palette. It has 16 shades, 11 mattes and 5 shimmery. All very neutral, warm colours. I have used this palette a number of times as I think you can get so many different looks from it, I mainly use it for every day looks, but with those shimmers you can definitely use it for more evening/going out looks. The light shades are very light, I wouldn’t say they are highly pigmented but as transition shades, they do the job. The more pinky/peachy shades are buildable and the darker the shade, the more pigmented they are in this palette, the fallout is fairly reasonable, just tap off that excess. All in all for the price of this, £6.99 and it being a drugstore brand, I like it and have reached for it several times.


I also got the Reloaded, Newtrals 2 palette. These shades are so warm and perfect for everyday and due to the shimmers perfect for going out too. The shades are similar to the New trals vs Neutrals palette which is obvious as they are in the same collection, but I thought it was definitely worth having it alongside each other. There are 15 shades in this palette 12 mattes, 3 shimmery.  Again, the lighter shades are very subtle and buildable, but the bolder colours have a bit more pigment in them, there is a reasonable amount of fallout from this palette also.  This is priced at £4.00 and I think that for that price you get an affordable, wearable selection of shadows.

This next palette is the 1,000,000 special edition one that I got for spending over £15 on an order, to celebrate hitting 1M followers on Instagram. I have only used a couple of shades out of this palette so far as it is mainly a shimmer palette so will be perfect for speacial occasions, but they are beautiful shades, buildable and blendable.

A mini palette next and it’s the Rose Gold one, this is £6. It has the cutest packaging, made to look like a bar of chocolate, I just love it and it is one that I use for everyday looks. Again the shades are very warm and neutral, with 8 shades in total, 6 mattes, 2 shimmers. The formula is the same as the other Revolution palettes, but I really have no complaints, because you can work with them and the price is so good for all the Revolution products that I’ve bought so far.

The final Revolution palette is the prettiest one I have and when I saw it on the website, I had to get it, it is the Unicorns Heart palette and its beautiful. The packaging it so cute and each shade is stunning and although the majority of the palette is glittery and shimmery, I am sure that all of the shades contain glitter, and why wouldn’t it, it is a Unicorn palette after all. I have used it to do a very colourful and sparkly look and it did not disappoint.  The colour pay off is great, yes there is fallout but you can cope. The price of this palette is £6.99 and there are 12 shades.  I do like this palette, but it’s definitely one for when you want to make a statement and go glam, not really for everyday looks, unless you want to sparkle and lets face it, some days you have too.

I do have to point out that I have incredibly pale skin and a lot of the lighter shades don’t show up very well, I have tried as best I can to swatch them for you, but it just goes to show how light they are.  The darker shades show up really well however.

Right on to MUA palettes now, I have 2 of them so far and this first one has to be the most colourful of all my palettes. It is the Tropical Oceana Palette, there are 25 shades altogether. In rows of 5, they have done each row in a different colour scheme. Which I think is brilliant. Theres a good mixture of mattes and shimmers and as there are so many different colours, you can achieve a lot of different looks, and even though it is very colourful you can use it for everyday looks also as well as glam.  The first row is all peach tones, one of my favourites in the palette. The next is pinks, then purples, then greens and lastly blues. I really like the mattes, the formula is so creamy and soft with a good amount of pigment, buildable and definitely blendable. The shimmery shades are outstanding, so pigmented and easy to use. The price of this palette is £8 and well worth buying I think, if you want to add a colourful palette to your collection, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The next MUA palette is the matte feather light palette and all 15 shades are matte. This is a very neutral, cool tone palette and I adore it. Perfect to use everyday and if you want that no makeup, makeup look, this is the one for that. The shades are a lovely mixture of browns and greys, they are so soft and silky, very easy to use. The shades, as the name suggests, are definitely feather light.  If you want a light, easy, day time palette, I do recommend this. It is priced at just £5 and I am very  happy that I have included this in my collection.

This next palette was I think the second one that I bought when starting my makeup collection this year, it’s the Autograph Lasting Colour Luxe eyeshadow palette, Rose nude, which is Mark & Spencers makeup brand. It cost £15 and has 12 shades, a mixture of 3 mattes and 9 sparkly, shimmery shades. This is a great little palette to create everyday looks, plus ideal for glamming it up too. The pigments are so good, they blend really well and they are claimed to be crease-resistant too. I have used this palette a few times and I really do enjoy using it. (Sorry if it’s hard to make out the lightest shades)

I bought this next palette from the beauty outlet website, but I know it is available in the shop B&M in the UK. It is the W7 Delicious, Natural & Berry palette. There are 14 shades, 2 glittery shimmers and 12 creamy mattes, in the loveliest, rich warm and cool colours. The pigment is actually quite good in these shades considering that this is a budget make up brand, I often reach for this palette as I know it’s easy to work with and I will get a lovely, everyday look from it that will last a while. Priced at £5.99

The second to last palette I want to show you, is just a small one from NYX and it is the XOXO Mona 03, Love in Florence eyeshadow palette and it has 5 purple shades, 3 mattes, 2 shimmers. This is a lovely little palette. I normally use it along side other palettes as it has a great selection of different purple shades. I have used it alone to create a look and the result was stunning. The formula is very light and although the colours look bold, you can create a very subtle look. There’s not a great deal of fallout and they are very easy to use. When I bought this palette it was off of a website where you can buy off of lots of different brands, unfortunately the name has escaped me, but I know i paid just £4 for it as it was on sale, the retail price was marked as £10, I have looked online and there are other sites that sell it and they are priced differently.

The last thing I have to show is just a little one, a trio palette from Avon’s colour trend range. The trio are called Blossom Flower and they are very natural, neutral shades. Perfect to put on if you don’t have a lot of time as you use the three shades to create a very subtle, natural look. The formula is so creamy and soft, pigmented and easy to use.  The price for this trio was about £2.99, I can’t remember exactly and I can’t get on to the Avon website as it is down at the moment to find out.

That’s it, I have been through all my palettes that I own, so far any way.

I always do my research before I buy any makeup. I read and watch as many reviews as I can on each item, because I buy mainly online I have to be sure that what I’m getting I’m going to like, be happy with and more importantly use and each palette that I’ve shown you I like and I use.  This is obviously just my opinion and everyone is different, what works for some may not work for others.

Until next time, have fun and take care.

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