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It’s an MUA Academy haul

Ok so I actually got these products from the MUA website a few weeks ago, but I had so many blogs that I wanted to get out first, this was in the queue and now it’s here.

I have 7 products to show you starting with one of the prettiest palette that I have so far and definitely the most colourful. This is the MUA Professional 25 shade eye shadow palette, called Tropical Oceana and it is Β£8.

I’m not going to do a review as such as I am going to be doing an eye shadow review of all my palettes in another blog, but I will say that these shades are so pretty and there are so many different looks you can do with them, there’s just so much colour in one place, I love it, and for the price, I just could not get it.

As I’m still growing my makeup collection, I need more blushers (yes I do) and this just seemed like something I needed to have as it’s so different. I wasn’t too sure how it would look or how to use it but it looks good and you use it as you would any other blusher. This is Β£3

Something else I didn’t have but definitely needed was lip scrub. I get such dry lips, which means dead skin and this lip scrub sorts my lips out so well and it has vitamin E. This was just Β£3

Lip liners next. I do use them often but don’t have a great range of colours, mainly nudes, and for Β£1 each I thought I’d add some pretty coloured ones to my collection. They each have their own sharpener in the lid, which I find extremely useful. I got a red one, called Red Drama and a peachy one, called Papaya Punch.

As I got lip liners I had to get a pretty lipstick too. This was only Β£1, I really did pick up some bargains on this website. It is in the shade Peach Amber, it’s such a pretty, summery colour.

Last but by no means least, I bought an extremely beautiful highlighter, I love highlighter. Oh I could look at this all day. In the shade, Hollywood Rose and costing just Β£3, an absolute must to add to my growing highlighter collection. I have used it and it’s gorgeous.

I was very impressed with how affordable the site is and also as it was my first time purchasing off this site I got a total of Β£4 off my order. I will be heading back there in the future that’s for sure.

That’s it for this little haul. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the bargains that I got from

Until next time, have fun 😁

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