Want to see my work space?

I rearranged my work space, who wants to see it???

My work space is at the back of our conservatory. I have been all over our house trying to find the perfect spot to call my own and this is it.

I have a white desk, that I got from Argos, it’s a really good size, with 3 good sized drawers and 3 shelves too, so lots of storage, which is always a bonus, especially if you have a lot of crafting materials, like me. I have my computer on there also, along with keyboard and mouse, telephone, a container of beads, from Lidls I bought a very handy LED lamp,perfect for crafting with, I also have another little lamp that plugs in to a USB port on my computer and my pop vinyls, there’s Dobby from Harry Potter (a present from one of my son’s) and one of Gerard Way, from My Chemical Romance, I also have a tiny Tinkerbell figure there too.

You’ll notice that there’s a cutting mat on there too, this is for when I am doing my quilling and other crafting, although when I do my vinyls I have a separate table set up with my machine that I use, this is called a Silhouette portrait machine and it is a great bit of kit. Not only can I use it to cut vinyl, but also fabric,paper and card too.

Did you spot my other little figures I have on this table? The tree light was a birthday present from my in-laws and it is a gorgeous purple colour, although it looks a bit more pinky in the photo.

To the right I have a couple of drawer storage units and my printer, maybe on another blog I’ll show what I have in my storage, there’s lots of crafting goodies.

On the other side of the room I have some more units which contains lots and lots of materiels and equipment that I use when creating my creations.

Thank goodness for plastic drawers and hobby boxes as I have a lot of stuff to contain. In the blue tub on the floor there are things that I’ve made, that are for sale. I add some of these items to a shelf that I rent in a local crafting shop, others are listed on line or taken to put on my table at craft fairs. I can show off some things in another blog post.

In this little set of drawers I house a lot of stationary, mainly fine liner pens that I use when crafting. My two squishies, a succulent in a mug that I use as a pot, a couple of fancy candles and a box that holds paper clips, oh and a roll of sticky tape that’s hiding.

This wall organiser was a new purchase from IKEA the other week, it replaces a huge cork pinboard that I had up, I think this looks much nicer.

These little cases I bought from The Works a couple of years ago. They came in a set of three, small, medium and large, I bought 2 sets. They have been extremely handy when I’ve done craft fairs to store and transport stock. They currently house some Christmas stock I have, that will be going in to the shop soon. The pink box underneath holds lots of cardstock that I use as backgrounds when I make pictures. Another idea for another post, to show some of the items I’ve made.

That’s it for this little tour of my work space. It’s not as impressive as some others I’ve seen, but it’s mine and it works really well. I have everything on hand and it’s kept well organised, which I like.

I will do another blog soon, that shows you what I have in the units and boxes.

Until next time, have fun 😃

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