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Our IKEA adventure

Have I told you that one of my most favourite places on earth to go is… IKEA.

My youngest son is 8, he’s autistic and has sensory processing disorder too and due to that he very rarely leaves the house, but he loves IKEA and when asked where he’d like to go, this is the place he picks every time. Now Steven, my son, also loves soft plushies, he calls then snugglies and when he does leave the house he likes to take a special one with him. The one he took to IKEA is a new one and it had not been out in the car with him before or to his favourite place, so of course it had to come with us on our adventure. Let me introduce you to Kirby(she is a video game character)

Steven is also disabled, he can’t walk about very well and so he has a special buggy to get about in. I thought it would be fun to take some photos of him and Kirby on their IKEA adventure.

First of all we have to get the lift up from the car park to the main part, which Steven loves so much as he loves going in lifts.

And it seems Kirby does too 😀

I didn’t buy loads from IKEA although believe me I could have done quite easily. I’ll show you what I did buy.

I absolutely adore scented candles, there are loads round my house, IKEA do a great range at very reasonable prices so it would be very rude not to get one or three.

For some reason, I forgot to take a photo of one of the candles that I bought, not sure how that happened, but I’ve started using it now and the label is off. I can tell you though that it is a blackberry scented 25 hour burning candle and it cost just 85p, it smells so good too.

These 2, luckily enough I did take a photo of. The 40 hour candle is peach and orange, oh my goodness it smells amazing, it cost just £1.75. I have this one in my bedroom, I love it.  The other 25 hour candle is raspberry scented, again this is so lovely too and is such a fresh scent., but they’re not super strong so not too over powering.


This next purchase wasn’t exactly what I thought it was and that will teach me for not reading things before I buy them, but it worked out ok in the end. These are miniatures of the paper light shades you get for ceiling lights, now I thought the were on strings so you could hang them like bunting, but that wasn’t the case. When I took them out of the box they are individual and the idea is you purchase the string lights that go with them and add them as light shades, I strung them on to silver string and made two buntings out of them. I think they look good considering that’s not what they were meant for.

For the shades only they are £4 and you get 12 individual ones. As I didn’t realise that there were lights to go with them, I don’t know how much they are, the shades did come in different colours too.


Ikea have a lovely indoor plant selection and a lot of them are succulents, this was one that I thought was so cute and at only £2 a complete bargain. I have this sitting in my office. I could quite easily have gone mad a bought a lot more.


Yes I have put it in a mug as a plant pot, and why not I say 😉

As you may have noticed the lovely gold wall organiser that had my paper light shade bunting on, yes that too was from IKEA. I’m not too sure what the proper name of it is. I had a large cork pin-board up but it was just too big, so when I seen this, I had to get it. Not only is it very nice to look at but it is a very practical size. It comes with 12 clips and there are hooks along the bottom, plus you can hang things on the sides too. I really like it.collage-2018-06-15-17_46_27

The last two things that I purchased weren’t overly exciting. A cheese grater and some new plastic bowls for my little bowl. The grater was just £2.25, a bargain I think. The bowls were £1.20. There’s just so many bargains to get from Ikea and the quality is fantastic too. It wont be long until I’m back there to get some more good stuff.


I think Kirby enjoyed her day out with us to Ikea.

Thanks for reading and until next time, have fun.

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