My creations

You may be aware, if you’re a follower, that I am in fact a crafter. I am trying to get my business running from home, I also stock some of my work in a local shop as well as selling online.

I’d like to share some of my creations with you in this blog and tell you a little bit about them.

A couple of years ago I created a range called “Our Family” This is my unique twist on the traditional family tree pictures that a lot of crafter’s do. I hand make each family member, from paper, to represent that person. The hair colour and eye colour will match theirs and also any other specific features i.e. glasses, beard etc I will also try and match the clothing colours from the photo sent to me. I can also include pets too.

The figures are lined up on a real tree branch and I will include the family name and also “Our Family” on to the backing card, in vinyl lettering. This is all encased in a deep shadow box frame. These are very popular items.

Without a doubt, the most popular items that I make are my 3D quilled figure baubles.



I started making these a few years ago, but not originally as Christmas decorations. I found that I was actually quite good at creating 3D fiqures using quilling (if you want to know about quilling please check out my blog “Did you know I’m a crafter?) and I had the idea to put them in the baubles to not only keep them safe but as a way to display them using a bauble stand, which I can supply with them. I obviously then did a Christmas range and I was soon getting requests for commissioned ones and for them to be personalised, as I also design and cut my own vinyls, it was a way to incorporate them both. I have no idea how many baubles I have made an sold over the years, it’s a lot, but I really do enjoy creating them and also coming up with new ones.



The shark I was asked to make as a present for someone who is mad about sharks, as for the octopuses these were done as part of an order to be used as raffle prizes for a charity that helps premature babies, this was a great honour to be asked to make these, there were 7 in total.

I’ve also made baubles as memorial pieces for pets that have passed on.


Not only have I made pictures and 3D figures, I have also used quilling to make jewellery too. Here are some of the ear rings and rings that I’ve made from paper. I really love making these and thinking up new designs.

Here are a few more pieces that I have done. I try to be varied in what I do so my work appeals to a wider audience. My husband is always coming up with new challenges for me and he always believes that I can do it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my creations that I have done. I will be adding to my crafting part of my site with new things that I’m making or have made and that are for sale.

Until next time, have fun 🙂

*Disclaimer all of the designs that you see on this post are my own and are subject to copyright.

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