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Clothes Haul!!

Welcome lovely people. This is my first clothes haul blog, I just had to share.

I discovered a fantastic website, some of you may have heard of it before, it’s called and everything on there is,yes you guessed it, £5 (although there is a VIP section and there are higher priced items in there, I haven’t bought anything from there) Postage costs start from £3.95 for up to 3 items, then it increase depending on how much you buy.

At first I was very dubious about buying anything from this site, but one of the good things is that each item has reviews from previous customers, so that really helps, especially if you’re unsure of sizes or fit, because it is difficult to judge when buying online, so yeah that definitely helped me.

Ok so for less than £50 I have part of a new summer wardrobe and I’m very happy with what I bought. Lets get stuck in shall we.

When your items arrive they will come in a bag like the one below, and each item is in a clear plastic bag. They don’t take particularly long to arrive and you are kept well informed by e-mail.

This is just a simple stripy t-shirt, with navy blue and white stripes. It’s a loose fit, in a size 14, I am a size 12/14 but I’d rather clothes are a bit bigger than smaller on me.


You will notice, that on a lot of the items the labels have been cut so you can’t see which clothing company they are from. The material of this t-shirt 95% viscose and 5% elastane so it’s very stretchy and comfortable.

This is one of my favourite tops that I bought. It’s so light and easy to wear, perfect for spring/summer. It’s pink and white stripes with 3/4 length sleeves held up with a button and a single breast pocket. It’s also a size 14. I love this top.

These are black 3/4 trousers, size 14. These are brilliant quality and the fit is perfect. Back pockets that actually work. I have bought a few pairs of trousers lately and the back pockets aren’t real, what it that all about. I love the feel of these trousers and they are so comfortable to wear, although they are a thicker material so not ideal to wear on a hot day.

I still can’t get over the fact that this jacket is just £5. It is such good quality, it fits me absolutely perfectly, as if it was made for me. It’s fantastic. It’s not made from flimsy material so will keep you warm. Absolutely perfect to wear on a cooler summers day. No complaints about this at all. Size 14 again.


These are just a plain pair of oatmeal coloured, linen trousers, perfect for warmer weather and very easy to wear. They have two front pockets and an elasticated waste. Size 12/14. There’s not too much I can say about these except I really like them and find them extremely comfortable.


Unfortunately this photo doesn’t show the actual colour of this shirt, but it is actually lime green, but not in a horrible way. I wasn’t too sure about it when I ordered it, but I’m very glad I did as it’s one of my favourites now. The material,again, is so good. It fit’s me perfectly and is incredibly comfortable. This is also a size 14.

Now these trousers are technically a pair of cropped trousers, but because I’m so short (5’2″) they are full length, they are a perfect fit on me. These are actually chinos so the material is good quality, the colour is amazing, a jade green and the back pockets are real lol. Love these so much. Yes these are a size 14 too.


The last item, is this over sized t-shirt, in a very sunshine yellow, with the cutest logo on the front. I just couldn’t resist getting this. It is a size 12/14 but it’s very big so if you don’t want something oversized get a size smaller, like I said before I’d rather have loose fitting clothes and be comfortable, and this t-shirt, is definitely comfortable.

That is it. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my haul.

If you haven’t checked out then I highly recommend that you do, but please be aware that not all items will be available in all sizes, so it’s pot luck if you can get what you want, but there’s a lot of choice so I think you’ll be able to find something you’ll like.

Until next time, have fun 🙂

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