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Revolution Haul

This year I have started my makeup collection from scratch, which has meant I’ve been doing some research to find good, affordable products, and I have to say that YouTube has been a great help. There are a lot of beauty bloggers out there who are willing to share their findings with us and one particular makeup brand that cropped up a lot is Revolution. I checked out their website and yes I was on there for a very long time. I have in fact done two orders with them and I am going to share with you the products that I have so far purchased from the website. I have also swatched everything I can.

My first item is the Revolutions New-trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette, priced at £6.99. There are 16 shadows, in the most beautiful shades

The formula is lovely and silky, good pigmented colours and not too much fall out. It comes with a double ended brush too, I haven’t actually used this brush. I am a huge fan of this palette and can see me using it a lot.

I got one of the mini eyeshadow palettes too, this is the rose gold palette. It’s just lovely, the packaging is lots of fun. Priced at £6.00

I really love the shades in this too. I used it yesterday and I’m very happy. There are other mini palettes on the site and I may just have to choose another one.

My third palette is the Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Newtrals 2. How beautiful are these shades??? I haven’t used this palette for a look yet but I will very much enjoy it when I do. This was just £4.00

They feel really lovely when I swatched them. There’s a good mix of mattes and shimmers in this palette.

Revolution were doing an offer when you spent over £15 you got one of their free 1,000,000 eyeshadow palettes and I was lucky enough to get one and it is so lovely.

A good mix of mattes and shimmers, I haven’t used it yet, but I think I will enjoy this one too.


You may notice that on the matte shades they have been embossed with 1,000,000, what a great touch to this gorgeous palette.

On to the other items that I have purchased, the Freedom multi powder bronzed, has 3 shades, I have used this several times and I have to say I really enjoy using it. I’ve used it as the individual colours but not yet swirled together. It is very light and comfortable on the skin. I hope you can make out the shades on my skin, I am very fair, but on my face it does show up nicely. Priced at £2.00

The highlighters that I have are just gorgeous, they are very pigmented and make a great impact. I have the Revolution gradient highlighter, sunlight mood lights. It is just lovely and I have reached for this several times to complete a look, I love it. I also got the Revolution Vivid shimmer, brick pink kiss. It is stunning. I have used the shades individually as blusher and together as a highlighter. It’s definitely one of my favourite Revolution products so far.


I also got two individual blushers. I have the Obsession Blush B105 in Honey. I have used it and it gives the nicest glow, it is very pigmented as I found out and only a small amount was needed to show up on my skin. It is a lovely shade. The other blush is the Freedom Makeup London blush Professional Pro Blush 1 and that is in the shade Rare, like my other blush it has really good pay off and looks fantastic. I am very impressed with both of these. Prices are £4.00 and £3.00

The final items are both for the eyes, an eyeliner and a mascara. Unfortunately the eyeliner is no longer listed on the site, which is a shame as it’s really nice to use. I have it in a brown shade and the formula of it is brilliant, it goes on so easy as it’s nice and soft so easy to smudge out too. I haven’t used it to it’s full potential yet so I look forward to playing with it. The mascara I really like too, I particularly like the curved wand, it makes it so much easier to apply. I have only used it once so far but I think I will be reaching for this a lot in the future. Prices are £1.00 and £2.00

That’s it for my haul. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the items that I’ve got from them so far. I most certainly will be doing another order some time in the future as I know that new items have been added and also I would love to try some of the other mini palettes too.