Did you know I’m a crafter?

I started to craft back in 2015, I mean I’ve always enjoyed doing arty things and crafts but only with my kids and as part of my job when I worked as a teacher’s assistant, but I now do it to try to make some money (it’s a slow process). Because I had to give up my job, due to health issues, I became a full-time stay at home mum to my youngest son. At first he took up all my time as he was just over a year old so I really didn’t have any spare time, I have 2 other children too but they are a bit older and were in school. As time went on I did find that I had a bit of spare time and I thought maybe I could find a new hobby, something just for me. I always fancied trying crotchet but unfortunately due to the arthritis in my hands, it was just too painful even just practising.

I somehow happened upon a link to a YouTube video of someone making something from paper. It was fascinating to watch. I soon found out that what I was watching was something called Quilling. I’d never heard or seen anything like it. I was hooked. I watched more videos and did some research into it. I knew I had to try to learn how to do this. It was beautiful.

I ordered myself a quilling kit and got practicing. These are the very first items I made. I am still very pleased with how the turned out. It made me very determined that I wanted to be as good as I could at quilling. So this was back in March 2015.

Over the years I’ve made a lot of things. I started off making just cards, I’ve lost count how many I’ve made for people.

These are the first batches I ever made that went up for sale.

Just a small number of orders that I’ve had.

Moving on from just doing cards, I then started to do pictures and framing them. Cards are good but as my husband pointed out, cards get thrown away and also people will go in to a supermarket or shop and quite happily spend just 50p on a card, but my cards I was having to price a lot higher due to the time they took to make and also the materials needed, but if I made pictures they will be kept and can be given as presents so I could charge what they are worth and also make them a lot more detailed, that is exactly what I started to do, plus it gave me a chance to expand my quilling skills and let my imagination grow too.

These are three of the first lot of pictures that I had done, over three years ago now. I am still very proud of these, but to look back I can see just how much I have improved and also grown my range of items that I do.

My most popular items that I do are most certainly the baubles, I encase 3D quilled figures inside a plastic bauble and they can either be Christmas themed or anything from a bumble-bee to a unicorn. I can also add personalisation to them using vinyl that I cut myself.

This is a very small selection of ones that I’ve made over the years, I have no idea on the actual amount I have made and sold. Some of these are commissioned orders that I’ve been asked to make, others are ones I’ve created and sold either online or at various craft events I’ve attended. I truly love making these.

When people think of quilling they tend to think of just pretty, intricate pictures, but I wanted to try and make as many different items that I could using quilling and another range of items I have done are earrings.

These are definitely lots of fun to make and again, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made and sold over the years. What I like about the quilled earrings, apart from the designs that I do, has to be just how easy they are to wear. They are so light that you do forget that you’re wearing them and because I use a clear coat glaze on them, it not only dries to make them very durable, they are also water proof too, although I do always recommend that they don’t get worn in the shower or bath.

I’m going to add a few more photographs of some of my other quilled creations that I’ve done for you to look at.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about my work, please do. I have a Facebook page that you can find me on.

Thank you all for reading. I do intend to add more blogs to do with my quilling work in the future.

Bye for now 🙂

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