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My first time…

My first time using a face mask sheet!!

I know these have been around for a while, and yes it’s taken me until now to get round to trying one, but better late than never.

I bought this one from ASDA for £2

Taking it out of it’s packet, it feels so strange, extremely soggy, for want of a better word.

It looks very blue in the photo which is good, because you need to have that blue side facing out. The packet has very clear instructions on how to use it.

After the 15 minutes and scaring my husband, who thought the same as me, that it looks terrifying 😱 I peeled off the mask and gently rubbed in the remaining product.


There was a lot left on my face. It smells so good too. After it was all soaked in, I have to say, my skin felt amazing. Refreshed and so silky soft.

I didn’t take a photo after, as you wouldn’t have seen any difference, but I definitely felt it and I will definitely be purchasing more to do it again. I am impressed and even the next day, my skin still felt great.

So my first time, was a pleasant experience, I’m very happy to report 😜

3 thoughts on “My first time…”

  1. How awesome, congrats your first sheet masking experience. Now you should be brave and try some the fabulous Asian masks, since the whole masking idea originates from there. Brands like Dr.Jart, Innistfree or Missha are quite popular these days. Happt masking!

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