We have a new addition

We are a family of animal lovers, altogether we have, cats, snakes, crested geckos, a tortoise and fish. We now have a new addition to our animal family, a new little kitten, making that 3 cats now. My husband and I have always had cats the whole time we've been together, when we first got… Continue reading We have a new addition

Beauty & lifestyle

Primark Makeup Review

Following on from my Primark haul post, I was asked to do a review of the Bronze, Vacay Vibes, complete face palette, as I was reviewing this I thought I may as well include the 2 lipsticks I got, also the mascara and the primer water too. The packaging is really nice, they've gone with… Continue reading Primark Makeup Review

Beauty & lifestyle

It’s a Primark Haul!!

My husband took me shopping today, and yes you guessed it(ok so the title may have given it away 😱) we went to Primark. I flipping love Primark 💜 I was very good today so it's only a little haul, hope you enjoy. I went in to the home department first, but the store we… Continue reading It’s a Primark Haul!!

Beauty & lifestyle

July favourites!

I've not done one of these favourites blogs before, so I thought, why not give it a go. I'll show you the things I've enjoyed using, wearing, etc. Ok shall we begin. First up beauty products, including shower gel, shampoo etc. The shower gel that I have been using is from the Palmolive range, it's… Continue reading July favourites!

Food blogs

Mac and Cheese, my favourite comfort food.

It's been a while since I've done a cooking blog and as I had planned on making macaroni and cheese, I thought it was the perfect time to take some photos and share my recipe with you. I've loved mac & cheese since I can remember and my middle son shares in this love too.… Continue reading Mac and Cheese, my favourite comfort food.

Beauty & lifestyle

My eyeshadow collection (so far)

Eyeshadow palettes are quickly becoming an obsession of mine.  I am one for a bargain and I won't spend over the odds on them, but I do still want quality without breaking the bank. Thank you YouTube and all the beauty gurus on there, you opened my eyes to Drugstore brands that are actually as… Continue reading My eyeshadow collection (so far)